How I Made My Flyers

Months in the making! I finally got my final design of my flyers completed.

In this video I go over the particular tricks I needed to do to make my idea into reality.

Software I used was Paint.Net, nanDECK, and Open Office’s Spreadsheet. Luckily I had quite a bit of experience with all of these, so was able to push out making these flyers with unique serial numbers on the gift vouchers.

– Paint.Net: Using Layers, in particular making sure you add a paper colour layer and it is blending as Multiply if you want it to look like the way it will print

– Open Office’s Spreadsheet: Using concatenation to create a column of serial numbers and saving as a CSV

– nanDECK: reading data from a CSV to make images, in this case giving each image a unique serial number

Then I used my laser colour printer and guillotine from Officeworks to print and cut!

And presto that’s how I got the flyers made. Now looking forward to the fun exercise of dropping this in all the letterboxes in town 🙂

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